15 Jan 2024
Why use us?

British made

All of our products are manfactured in house at our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter based facility by our highly skilled staff. This gives us full control of each piece, whether it be a one off bespoke item, or one of your favourite designs from the Stonehouse collection.

Exceptional quality

We understand the importance of going the extra mile during each and every stage of production. With strict QC measures in place, we ensure that every single part of the product is to the absolute highest standard, from the CAD design to the final finish, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our quality, and we provide regular training to our staff to make sure we are the front runners when it comes to quality.

Value for money

We are highly competetive on pricing and our products are built to last. We have stripped back and refined our manufacturing processes to ensure there are no unecessary moving parts within the business, and this allows us to keep our prices low for our customers. Top quality bespoke fine jewellery doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg.

Prompt turnaround

In a world where consumers are able to buy almost everything at the click of a button, it has never been more important to deliver in a timely fashion. Our standard lead time for bespoke is 3 weeks for most designs, and 2 weeks for pieces in the Stonehouse collection if we don't have it in stock. Speak to our sales team if you need something even quicker - we have a separate team dedicated to express delivery as we understand there are certain circumstances that require a speedier delivery. 

A personal approach

At Stonehouse we adopt a personal approach to all of our customers. We value relationships with our customers immensely, so each and every one of your orders is overseen by your account manager to make sure standards and deadlines are met. Our highly knowledgable office team are always on hand to help you with your enquiries, whether you are calling for an estimate on a new piece or asking for an update on an order in progress.

Stonehouse Special Operations

We love a challenge, and our special operations department goes further. With you at the centre of the process, we can create truly one off pieces that push the boundaries of what is possible. If you have a special piece or project that deserves the absolute best the trade has to offer, look no further than Stonehouse Special Operations where we combine design, innovation and craftsmanship to produce remarkable creations. Click on our 'SSO' tab within our collections to see some pieces previously manufactured here.


When you have a piece manufactured by Stonehouse you can relax whilst we do all the heavy lifting. We manage each project from start to finish for you, meaning you can confidently pass your orders on to us without dealing with the manufacturing headaches that are commonplace in our industry. We can source diamonds and gemstones very competetively, meaning you won't need to organise and coordinate other suppliers which can create chaos. We will also be glad to set your own stones into either a bespoke creation or a piece from the Stonehouse Collection.

Stonehouse Jewellery

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