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Bespoke Services

Stonehouse are industry leading bespoke jewellery manufacturers in the UK. We offer a comprehensive solution for all your bespoke jewellery needs. Through very selective recruitment in our CAD department and worskhop we offer an unrivaled lead time with a focus on a quality finish. From CAD stage through to final polish, every stage of the process is crafted in-house to a very high standard. Our diamond dealing origins allows us to supply and set all melee diamonds in your bespoke pieces in natural or lab grown at very competitive prices.

Our standard turnaround time on bespoke pieces is 3-4 weeks. However, we do offer express services at an additional cost. 

Computer Aided Design

Our team of experienced designers help breathe life into any bespoke commission using the latest industry leading software. Once your customer is happy with the design work and approves their images its onto 3D Print and casting.

You also have the option of showing your customer a 3D printed model of the design before its cast.

Bespoke Services
Bespoke Services

Hand Wax Carving / 3D scanning

Wheter its a fitted wed or an intricate design, we undertake all aspects of skilled hand carve waxing. We also utilise a 3D scanner to allow us to design precise wedding bands that fit perfectly to your customer existing ring. 

3D Printing

Utilising the very best 3D printers in the industry, we can 3D print any of your files no matter where you are in the country. Simply email your .STL CAD files to us and we can 3D for the very next working day. We can send your wax to a caster of your choice, but why not make life easier and cast with us as well.

Bespoke Services
Bespoke Services


Stonehouse cast the majority of precious metals daily.

No matter how large or small the item is, we undertake castings of your own CAD files, bespoke jobs placed with stonehouse and also cast components of our own range of ring designs.

Call us for our daily casting pricelist.


A great design and high quality casting only brings a piece of jewellery so far. The real indicator of a fantastic piece lies in the art of  mounting. At stonehouse our castings are cleaning up to a high quality mirror finish. Removing casting surface from even the most hard to reach areas.

We pride ourelves on having carefully selected the most experienced mounters and setters in the trade. Our workshop work passionately as a team to deliver some of the trades best and boldest one off pieces each and every week.

Bespoke Services
Bespoke Services

Stone Setting

Our setting department is made up of industry leaders in a multitude of setting styles that are tailored to suit your particular bespoke item. Skills that span from traditional hand setting, machine setting through to micro-setting. 

the majortiy of our pieces are bright cut while setting, going the extra mile to ensure your commission is bought to life and help exceed your customers expectations

Finishing Touches

At this stage in the process, any personal touches such as engraving are finalisied.

Once your item has been final polished to a high standard, it undergoes in depth QC from our quality department.

You will then be informed your item is ready to collect from our showroom in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter or arrange for the item to be posted to your jewellery shop at your earliest convinence.

Bespoke Services

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